This animation is based on phrases my father would say to me as a kid. Growing-up I never paid attention to these small details that made my family, culture, and dialect special but moving to Savannah, GA and attending SCAD made these details so apparent to me.


SCAD introduced me to many people of different cultures and backgrounds. As I built friendships and made connections with peers from Africa, Europe, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Virgin Islands, and all across the US I couldn't help but feel as if my culture and upbringing was "boring" or "unimportant". As my connections grew so did my appreciation of my own culture, I finally felt the urge to embrace my own culture.


One part of my culture that I felt set me apart and grew to love was my dialect and phrases I was raised on. My new friends would often point these out and find them funny or interesting. These phrases were something I never thought twice about saying, my dad would use them often passed them on unknowingly to my brothers and I. Thus, the creation of  a fun looping video of idioms all inspired by my dad.